All About Plan Events

The Playday setup is a lot of fun. With lots of help and support, you can make the day memorable and make a difference for  youth. Read more about events details .

Quick description:
Playday events don’t have to be major public events. You might want to plan a small town – just for a party or to celebrate with a group of friends and family. Whatever your plan, follow our quick tips below to help you get started. If you are planning a big event, download the training plan [67KB PDF] and save it on time!

Enough time to start
Financial security is one of the first things you should consider. Review our financial inclusion process. Once you know how much you need to spend, set a budget.

You may need to apply for a permit and permit. For example, you need to think about security, food, and insurance. See Getting a Good Plan Summary. An additional guide.
If you’re planning a party, some city police will give you a three-month road closure notice. Find local police contact details at

Prepare a planning team
Think about who you are going to join. Don’t forget to invite children and teens to the planning team! You can invite local sports clubs, advocacy organizations, and volunteer groups that share goals, local resources, stores, and businesses. Define responsibilities, create work plans for key tasks, who will perform them, and approve daily goals.

Goal Setting
Want to make your event bigger and better than last year? What do participants want? Is advertising important to you?

Playday provides an opportunity to not only have fun, but also to address issues affecting activity in your area. If you’re part of a general campaign as part of a celebration, think about how you can use events to highlight issues.

Determine the date
Playday is the first Wednesday in August each year. If you can’t hold an event on the business day, consider a holiday.
If you’re already planning an event for kids and teens this summer, host a Playday event and celebrate children’s rights play in your community!

Location determination
Playday events can be found anywhere, from your backyard to any big city location! You can use your community’s open space, such as a park, local garden, community lawn, or even close off the parking lot for local events. Many local police handle cases in pedestrian-only areas in and around the city.
Consider whether you want to organize a big event or a few small moments to reach different parts of your community. 6. Spread the word
If this is a public event, let everyone you know know! Official release information from Playday is available.
Invite people who can help you run your campaign or reach your goal. They can be local artists, the mayor or city officials.
For more on spreading rumors about Playday campaigns, read our PR guide. 7. Use available resources
See our Resources page to find out what’s available for event planners. Registration for the Playday online event begins in the spring.