All you would want to know about Dubai Food Festival 2021

Villanova La Rosa is under the magic of Dubai Food Festival 2021. This blog discusses all the reasons why you would not want to miss it.

In 2021, the annual Dubai Food Festival (DFF) will return for another year. The widely awaited annual event, which presents food from around the world, is back for its eighth edition. On March 25th, the Dubai Food Festival 2021 will begin. So, if you’re excited to learn about all the culinary delights in store for you, here’s a rundown of the myriad activities and things to do.

All about the Dubai Food Festival 2021

The Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment hosts the Dubai Food Fest every year (DFRE).

It’s part of a broader plan to create a year-long network of city-wide activities to boost the emirate’s shopping and tourism industries. The schedule also features a playroom, interactive youth games, live music, and many more. It is one of the most awaited events of 2021.

Last year’s festival was a huge success. The festival featured renowned restaurants promising trials of their iconic brands, in parallel to showcasing the emirate’s culinary gems. Here’s a recap of the highlights from last year’s celebration, as well as a preview of the different events and things to do at DFF 2021.

Dubai Food Festival 2021 tickets and dates

In 2020, the Dubai Food Festival lived up to the pledge of being bigger than ever. It also intends to outdo itself this year, with its flagship Beach Canteen poised to dazzle fans as well.

Where will it take place, and how long will it last?

The festival will last 23 days and will take place in various locations in Dubai. You must prepare your dining schedule to take advantage of the many enticing discounts and activities that various restaurants in the city have to sell.

It will take place from 25th March to 17th April 2021. The entry is expected to be free.

Things you must try at the Dubai Food Festival 2021

The famous food festival was a massive hit in 2019 and 2020, and the 2021 event is set to offer even more beautifully exciting experiences. Continue reading to learn more about the events taking place at DFF this year.

Masterclasses with the top chefs

The Dubai Food Festival will offer a wide range of events, like masterclasses from some of the industry’s best chefs. Guests to last year’s masterclasses at the Dubai Food Festival Event had the opportunity to partake in cooking displays with famous chefs and try their hand at various cuisines. This year, expect more of the same.

Try out unique dishes from the chefs

Diners will take part in a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience where they can sample foods that aren’t on the menu. They’ll also have the opportunity to visit the chefs behind these culinary marvels. The festival in 2020 included some incredible sweets, such as Japanese and Italian cuisine from Akiba Dori, French and Spanish cuisine from BOCA restaurant, and delectable desserts from Brix, a Dubai dessert bar.

Etisalat Beach Canteen

The Beach Canteen is one of DUFF’s most popular attractions, and it’s due to return in 2021. A stretch of water is transformed into a culinary hub by this exterior canteen.

Pop-up stores, food trucks, and live music are among the attractions at this family-friendly location. Guests will taste foods from some of the city’s finest restaurants and compete in numerous food-themed competitions.

Guests will taste recipes from some of the city’s top restaurants and participate in a variety of food-related events and events. Overall, it’s the ideal opportunity to catch a beachside snack after work or spice up your weekends.

To keep the experience enjoyable for the entire family, the snack bar will also have a kids’ area and a pet-friendly area.

Restaurant owners and those with food ideas who want to be a part of the Etisalat Beach Canteen should sign up on the Etisalat Beach Canteen’s website.

You can also enjoy fine-dining

Each year, Dubai Restaurant Week features an exciting collection of fine dining restaurants. Foodies should splurge on a luxurious meal for between AED 75 and AED 150. About 30 restaurants in Dubai are serving incredible lunch and dinner offers this year. At the city’s finest restaurants, a three-course dinner starts at AED 150 per guest.

These are all the things that would make you look forward to the event. Find La Rosa Dubai properties now and cherish the festival with your loved ones.