Curacao is a great resort destination where it is sunny, warm, and charming. It has a Caribbean feel with Dutch colonial buildings. It has a mix of different nationalities that create an incredibly unique culture. It is very cosmopolitan yet at the same time you can enjoy the simple pleasures of sitting at a beach club.

Curacao is located near the southern part of the Caribbean Sea right off the coast of Venezuela. This island is part of the Netherlands Antilles; it is one of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao). Four languages are spoken in Curacao: Dutch, Spanish, English, and Papiamento the local native language.

The capital of Curacao is Willemstad, it is a busy port city and the major industry is tourism. This area of the Caribbean is a very prosperous region, because it is an area with a large oil refinery. This area is very well known for its diving and snorkeling of its beautiful coral reefs. You can enjoy swimming in the reefs and then a quiet evening at a beach club. Curacao has plenty of diving hotspots along its coast and it also has a steep seafloor drop off within a few hundred feet off the coast.

Millions of years ago Curacao was formed under the sea from lava rock, and coral has for many centuries grown on this rock. This island has many beautiful plants and there are many colorful tropical fish to be seen while exploring its coast. In Curacao Homepage diving is one of its most popular sports, and there well over 60 diving sites to choose from. The quantity and colorful marine life is what makes Curacao such a wonderful and popular destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. Of course, the many beautiful sights available from a beach club in Curacao also make this an unforgettable destination.

There are many popular spots also for those that prefer to stay dry. Sun lovers will enjoy the beaches and there are amenities available for lunch and drinks nearby at the beach club. Curacao is a small island but there are plenty of activities and much to see. It is very easy to navigate the island you can even take advantage of the bus routes that visit most parts of the island, it is very reliable public transportation. There are also taxis and minibuses that offer a great way to see the island you can also rent cars if you want to experience the island at your own pace.

If you want to get away on vacation to a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, that offers great marine life, beautiful people, and a variety of activities, then staying at a beach club in Curacao is your ideal destination. You will find pleasant accommodations, plenty of good food, and a good range of water activities including snorkeling and diving. In summary a beach club at Curacao vacation is a great choice and one of the best options that any small group or family can all enjoy.

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