Create Your Own Typhoon Kit

Typhoon is a tropical cyclone with a maximum sustained face winds reaching 33 m/ s (64 kt, 74 country miles per hour). It’s the term used when the tropical cyclone developed in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. It comes from the Chinese word’tai-fung’ meaning great wind.


Still, it would be stylish to prepare yourself and your family for an evacuation to another place that’s perched on a advanced ground, If your home is in a low-lying area and you frequently witness extreme flooding due to strong typhoon. Don’t vacillate and void for safety once your original government has declared your area to be under a state of disaster and they’ve released an advisory for evacuation.


Creating your own typhoon tackle will insure that your family can comfortably live until it’s safe to go back to your home. Make your typhoon tackle in easy to carry waterproofed bags or holders and insure that each bag has an identification (ID) label with exigency contact figures.


Below is a companion on what supplies to gather in advance for a three- day stay in a sanctum or evacuation center due to typhoon. These are the introductory diurnal conditions of a family; you can add and/ or remove particulars grounded on the specific requirements of your family members.


Introductory Typhoon Tackle

  1. Cash and Identification


Insure that you have brought your ATM card, credit card, identification card, and health card with you.


Prepare cash in small appellations for exigency spending. As the thoroughfares are swamped, it could be grueling to go to an automatic teller machine (ATM) within your neighborhood. The ATM machines may also be offline or out of cash once you do suitable to pierce one because maturity of people were trying to withdraw plutocrat and handheld umbrella with lights the bank is unfit to refill the machine with cash right down.


Prepare a shot of your family with the separate name of each member for easy identification by other people when demanded. It’s your decision if you wish to include your other important documents in your typhoonkit.However, please store them on a high position and in a leakproof bag

, If you do decide to leave them at home.

Birth Certificate


Insurance Policy Certificate

Bank account figures and records

Stock Instruments

  1. Communication

Completely charge your mobile phones and also bring the bowl. For reimbursed plans, check if you still have sufficient cargo to textbook or call another person. Consider the use of handheld, movable, two- way radios similar as walkie- documentary.


  1. Food

Store food which you don’t need to chill and cook presently similar as canned goods, instant polls, biscuits, peanuts, ignited chuck,etc.However, you can bring cooked food in plastic vessel that you can eat on your first day in the evacuation center, If this is a planned evacuation.


  1. Water

One gallon of water should be distributed for each person per day. You can distribute bottled water to each family member but still bring a large vessel of water that you can carry for cache and washing.


  1. Clothing

Bring comfortable clothes and include a rain fleece. Consider layering your clothes made of light accoutrements to combat the cool rainfall rather than wearing heavy apparel. Pack your brace of socks and rubber slippers.


  1. First Aid Kit

Your first aid tackle should have the following


Sterile tenacious tapes in varied sizes

Hypoallergenic tenacious vid








Latex gloves (2 brace)

Burn Ointment

Pain Relievers

Eye Wash

Tradition Medicines

  1. Inventories
  2. a) Exigency



Flashlight or small rechargeable beacon

Redundant batteries


Match/ Lighter

Dust Mask


Marquee ( sturdy enough to stand strong gust of wind)

Hand fan

  1. b) Kitchen


Paper plates

Plastic ladle and chopstick

Styrofoam coliseum and mug

Plastic glass

Can nature

Essence Knife

Paper Towel

Plastic scrap bags

  1. c) Restroom




Wash Towel

Wet Towel

Restroom Towel