Does Compensation Motivate Employee Behavior?

Here we are going to discuses about does compensation motivate employee behavior? Payment for most human resources that employees will introduce the importance of wages. However, the study indicates that the recovery is true. We review the evidence that people demonstrate the discrepancy from what they associated with their affected amount. Then we talk about why the payment is not only an affair too much why the manager can make important abilities. We confirm that the payment is not important for everyone or everyone, and the employee is more important to employees.  Some workers are motivated to finance.

In fact, often there is revival for money. At least due to their ensual needs. The work of employees by paying will be provided in the form of money, performance, or other devices. The Hotel’s quality program has occurred. They have equal processing procedures that provide employees to customers of customers.  We prepare the form and the box to release a form across the hotel.

When a person’s consumer about the work of the hotel worker, the worker runs the details that can be used to buy trips, gifts encouraged.

What research shows

Scientists’ behavior, staff and studies and my drivers are able to be a good drive when necessary. More than 1500 levels in the United States and all the USAs in the USA is “good” or “good” or “good” it measured to affect. 89% of companies use special technology to use special technology, a beneficial effective (s) “human, performance and pay “).

Of the Object Standard of the United States of America, 54% of the employee is “important” or “important” “I mentioned.  At the age group was stratified by age group, there was no significant difference. Gen X and Gen Y were no differences in this respect (Source: “The Law – work rate”)

In a 2500 work, I believe that 84% of people understand the organization money / performance to help make the difference. If they believe that the company believes that the company will be successful when the company is successful, 91% received help succeed (source: work index)

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In the study of 663 workers (not only control and Salespeople) of the US Compensation Association (not only control and Salespeople, not only the President and Salespeople), I found it. The money they used for the payment; Therefore, the close approximation of the way back in the capital is 134% (source: “Organizational Performance and Compensation”).


In the sake of motivation, VRooms expectation theory clearly define the relationship of the appropriate relationship. According to this theory, it can be in helping satisfy expectations and give value (cost) for his efforts.  In most cases, in all agencies, staff is the first member to pay for his / her job in the job.