As we know, the lockdown due to Covid-19 has affected the growth of every business. Are you worried about the growth of your business? Do you want to get more business or increase sales? Then you are in the right place because, in this article, we have come up with the five ways the Foamex board will help you to get more business. Foamex Printing Company can help set strategies to make your business stand out.

Foamex board is one of the great advertisements whenever you are about to launch a new product in the market or want to make a statement among competitors.

Businessmen use different types of strategies for the expansion and growth of the business. But among all marketing strategies, print media advertising is one of the best forms of marketing strategies to attract customers.

Foamex board printing or advertisement is one of the great ways to grab the attention of the target customer and persuade them to visit the store and buy the product. Most of us are unaware of the meaning of the Foamex board.

What is Foamex Printing?

Foamex board is made of PVC sheet. Foamex board is made up by using a large number of layers of PVC foam sheet. It is mostly used in manufacturing hoardings, banners & sign boards. The best part of the Foamex board is user-friendly and economical. You can easily cut the Foamex board in the shape you want. Foamex board printing is lighter in weight. It is considered one of the most appealing forms of print advertisement.

Foamex board is one of the fantastic ways to boost the sale of your business. Due to cutthroat competition, advertisement alone is not enough. So, you must also use that form of advertisements that is appealing, long-lasting, and also attract your target audience.

Benefits of Foamex Printing for Advertisement and Promotion

The benefits of the Foamex board for advertising and promotion of goods and services are many. The user gets to use a wide range of options and can even experiment with making the advertisement look appealing. Here are some of the benefits of using Foamex board printing.

Use differentiating factor

One of the best ways to Boost Your Business is to use differentiating factors in your business over competitors. Use a catchy type of graphic design to gain the attraction of the target audience.

You can use that title or head in your advertisement, which is easy to remember and create a positive impact on your business in front of the customer. Firstly you have to review the type and font of advertisement used by your competitors.

After that, try to make the unique advertisement different by using differentiating factors. For example, excellent printed Foamex board will grab the attention of a large number of the customer.

Value for money

Many of us thought when we use costly advertisement banners then this will help us in boosting the sales growth of the business. But in reality, this is not true. As when you use the right kind of advertisement for your target customer, then this will boost your sales growth. Only money will not play a significant role in boosting sale quality and also play an important role to attract the attention of the target customer.

Foamex board is one of the best advertisements as it is cost-effective. By using the Foamex board, you can easily grab the attention of the target customer towards your business. You can use any colour of your choice to convey the message to the Foamex board.


As we know, the Foamex board is made up by using different layers of PVC shaped. Therefore, it has long lines as a comparison to another form of advertisement. This board does not require any maintenance cost as it has Water resistance features.

You only have to make your both creative, unique and different from a competitor that drives your narrative forward. When your Foamex board is long-lasting, then it appeals to your target customer for a long time.


Here portable means you can easily install or reinstall your Foamex board. It is lightweight, so you can easily save from one location to another. Thus, you don’t need to spend money on a new board. Due to being portable, it saves your money and boosts your target audience to different locations.


You can reuse your Foamex board for a different purpose. Only you have to remove the earlier message and print a new message on the board. When you are using reuse kinds of boards, then it means you are contributing towards the environment and also expand business. Reuse is also one of the ways to boost your sale.

Conclusion: Your business growth largely depends on how you promote goods and services. The market may not be favourable, a business, however, should always keep its marketing strategies up to date to ensure it catches all the possible opportunities and grows. Contact the Foamex Printing Company today to learn how you can make your business stand out.

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