Vape cartridges used in the vaporizers are pretty expensive and hence you need to ensure that they should be used in a proper manner so that you can use them for a longer time.

In this small write-up, we shall share a few tips on how you can increase the life of various CBD vape cartridges that you will use with your vaporizer and need to be replaced after using it for some time. Just CBD store is a well-known online store that will offer you the best quality of CBD for your use.

  1. Store these cartridges properly

Where you are storing your vape cartridges is important. CBD/THC cartridges may evaporate passively in case you leave them in a hot environment. They may tend to get evaporated from the cartridge’s top.

  1. Avoid traveling to higher altitude with your vaporizer

While traveling to mountains or any higher altitude, your vape pen will get affected due to different air pressure that can often inhibit the performance of your cartridge and cause leaks. If you live in a higher altitude area then buy a better quality vaporizer.

  1. Use proper vaporizer

Always prefer a matching cartridge for your vape pen particularly when you are buying any cartridge of a different brand. Often too much extra power may burn the oil, and you may get an unpleasant taste.

  1. Check for any leaks

If you ever notice any leaking in the cartridge, then contact the manufacturer to get it replaced. Often the oil may dry up and damage your pen.

  1. Light it up

Often your CBD/THC oil may be too thick and prevent a good hit. By lighting it up you can try to melt down gently the oil. However, be careful so that you may not heat the cartridge too much.

  1. Keep it clean

To clean the pen properly, dip in rubbing alcohol a cotton swab and wipe your pen  clean. This will kill all germs and also remove any residue left on the connection point. This is more important if you share your vape pen.

  1. Wick must cover the liquid

You will not get vaporized smoke if the wick is not covered with oil. You can turn the cartridge tip upside down and let the oil come over the wick.

  1. Be a little sensitive about temperature setting

It is very important to set the right temperature while hitting your oil. Different cartridges may evaporate at different temperatures and produce a different type of high.

  1. Use a good battery

Your battery also has a very important role to decide the life of the cartridges. Using any mod/regular eCig battery may not be the best choice. Often they may hit too hard and sometimes the airflow may not be optimized for carts.

  1. Recover oil from your “empty” cartridges

Often the cartridges may look empty, but also sometimes there can be more and you may not be able to see properly. So, you must unscrew the tops and make them upside down and recover the oil from the empty cartridges.

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