What you eat doesn´t just affect your health, it will also influence the growth of your hair. Just like other parts of our body, hair also needs vitamins in order to be healthy. Taking certain vitamin supplements or eating certain foods can help you Liposomal Vitamin C Zinc Amazon improve the health of your hair. You should be careful not to take too much of a vitamin as this can actually harm you and even cause hair loss.

The first vitamin that is needed for healthy hair growth is vitamin A. It helps you maintain the oils in the scalp. Foods containing this vitamin include milk, eggs, cabbage and spinach.

B Vitamins like B9, B6 and vitamin B complex are also essential for healthy hair. You can find these vitamins in food such as beans, soy and eggs. Vitamin B supplements can also be taken and may be helpful in certain cases of hair loss.

The vitamin called biotin is also good for your hair. Some use it to prevent male pattern baldness. You can find this vitamin in things like brown rice, soy, lentils and walnuts or in supplements.

While it is preferable to eat a healthy diet and just get all of your vitamins from food, in some cases supplements can be a more convenient way to get them. If you are interested in hair growth supplements you should try to only use vitamin capsules or tablets. Things like shampoos and oils are not as effective.

By looking around on the internet you shouldn´t have too much trouble finding hair growth supplements. Before buying them you should consult a physician in order to get the right product for your needs.

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