Online taxi booking

I wonder how many people book taxis online these days. With everything else being bought and sold on the web these days, it’s interesting how booking a taxi still seems to be done mostly over the phone, even with the sheer number of web-savvy among us.
Is there a reason why taxis are booked this way or is it just a matter of time before this service catches up with the internet generation? Perhaps the next generation Twitter and Facebook users will book more online than the current generation of Microsoft, who entered the World Wide Web rather than growing on it.
Airport transfers, in particular, seem to be making progress, and many companies, large and small, offer the option of booking online. However, searching these websites can sometimes lead to disappointment. You will find that many sites that offer online reservations are simply web forms designed to capture your trip information and submit it to the company and only later will you be called or  Heathrow taxi emailed with a price.
However, there are some sites that offer a full online booking option, you just need to know what they are. Obviously London’s largest minicab company, Addison Lee, offers an excellent online booking engine, but with this also comes a great price, typically double that of most local minicab companies for airport transfers.
There are many professional firms, both young and old, serving much of London. Heathrow taxi companies in general naturally have airport tours as their specialty, but they also offer taxis throughout London. Companies with online booking systems are great and allow you to instantly book and pay for your trip online. With integrated Google Maps and simplified vehicle selection, the process can be a breeze. Some even have an SMS notification of the vehicle coming to pick you up, which is an added bonus that ensures safety and confidence.
With online booking provided for local trips and airport transfers, it’s only a matter of time before the public sees that booking a taxi online might be easier than it sounds.