The History of the Slot Machine

Slot machines, which is a very popular game played in casinos was dubbed the one-armed bandit as it was initially was an lever that players pulled to spin 3 reels in the casing. Each reel contained 10 symbols which were displayed in the display window only each reel at one time. If three identical symbols appeared simultaneously in response to one pulling of the lever, the player could win. The odds of winning were low, so typically, the player would lose their money. This led to the development of the term “nickname.

The original slot machine dubbed”the Liberty Bell, was created in 1895 by Charles Fey, an immigrant from Germany. The initial symbols displayed on every reel included playing cards including a star, horseshoe, and a liberty bell. As demand for slot machines rising and the demand Slot88 for slot machines increasing, an offer was made to buy the rights to produce as well as distribution by a gambling supply firm. But Charles Fey refused to sell the games, and so new versions the Liberty Bell had to be developed. One of these versions was created in the year 1907 through Herbert Mills and it was known as”The Operator Bell”. Operator Bell. He was the first to incorporate fruit symbols into his machine.

Each time you pulled a lever, gambler was taking the chance of losing funds, so the machine’s gambling characteristics started to create issues for the makers. Gambling was considered to be as unpopular in the same way as selling of liquor , and the machines were made illegal in 1910. Certain manufacturers attempted to disguise the operation of these devices by making them appear to be vending machines. They tried to disguise them as vending machines. Bell- Fruit Company came up with a machine that dispensing gum sticks at every push on the lever. It didn’t work, but affected the perception of people about vending machines as a negative way. The anti-gambling view gained traction to be utilized by politicians to aid their campaigns for office into the 1930s. Political leaders would smash these machines in order to get votes from voters who hated gambling and considered it a an offense. The notorious Criminal Bugsy Siegel added to the opposition to slot machines since He bought a few of them for his hotel, the Flamingo Hilton located in Las Vegas. The reason he put them in his hotel with a motive however. He wanted to keep ladies and their wives busy while their wealthy husbands gambled in his casino.

In the 60’s, slot machines were electric and in the 70’s microchips were introduced and the lever was taken out by the 80’s . They also added more advanced microchips that made it possible for slot machines to operate by pressing a the button.