Lifting platforms and cherry picker platforms are variants of Cherry picker Platforms (AWP) or Mobile Cherry picker Platforms (MEWP). Also known as powered access machines, these elevators provide temporary access to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible via extendable mechanical platforms. Some aerial platforms extend in only one direction, for example, scissor lifts that move vertically on an accordion device. Cherry picker platforms and cherry picker platforms have the advantage of reach and height and are more versatile.

There are different types Cherry Picker Hire Lincoln of cherry picker platforms and cherry picker platforms. Some have a longer reach or higher working height than others, but they all follow the same principle. A platform or bucket is attached to the boom, which can extend up and left to right, or which includes hinges that allow the boom to move “up and down.”

Arm booms provide height and reach but only extend vertically and pivot sideways. Articulating booms and cherry picker platforms provide more precise access to hard-to-reach areas, such as when performing maintenance and repair work on an aircraft. Booms and cherry picker platforms are the closest versions of an cherry picker platform to a crane, but they differ greatly in the way they are moved and controlled.

Boom lifts and Cherry Picker Hire Lincoln platforms are typically larger than other types of cherry picker platforms, such as scissor lifts and personnel lifts, which come in compact and narrow versions for use in warehouses and offices. Therefore, aerial platforms are often used in large-scale projects, such as construction and events. The largest platforms, mounted on a truck or lorry, can extend their telescopic sections to heights of more than 100 meters.

The smaller arms are also available for use in telephone and power line maintenance, window cleaning, tree surgery, and fire fighting. And of course, the original use cherry pickers were used for – harvesting fruit!

When it comes to deciding the best access vehicle for your business, it can be overwhelming to see the variety of access platforms out there. There is a wide range of motorized access vehicles suitable for all types of uses. Whether you’re looking for a used cherry picker for outdoor use or a new narrow scissor lift to use in a warehouse, if you’re not sure what you need, it can be overwhelming.

Due to their weight, these types of cherry picker platforms generally run on diesel, but some smaller versions can run on LPG, electricity, battery, or pneumatics. Some are self-propelled; others are mounted or with legs and are known as spider lifts. Spiders are useful in areas where the elevator has to maneuver through narrow doors or to provide stability on uneven surfaces.

Most cherry picker platform providers offer boom rentals as well as new and used cherry picker platforms and lift platforms for sale. Discuss your needs with your local supplier to see what they have to meet your needs.

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